LiFE Update - Sustainability Leadership Scorecard

We are delighted to confirm that, with the generous support from HEFCE, we are working with ARUP to further develop the LiFE tool.

We are working very closely with ARUP who designed the Green Scorecard to use much of the functionality within the current tool. The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard will cover sustainability issues beyond the estates function.

Building on the extensive research and sector feedback that went into developing LiFE, we are using the basis of LiFE for the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard. This means that the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is based around the 4 Priority Areas of LiFE (Leadership & Governance, Estates & Operations, Partnership & Engagement and Learning, Teaching & Research). We have also used the Frameworks but following on the mapping research we undertook in 2017 we have addressed the gaps and have added the following Frameworks:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Risk
  • Food
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Energy (previously combined under Utilities)
  • Water (previously combined under Utilities)

Our continued aim is to provide a useful management and developmental tool for our members. Building on the Green Scorecard, the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard will be within the same web tool and log in, be free to the sector and be voluntary for all UK Further and Higher Education institutions to use.

New Enhanced Functionality

With developing the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard we have provided much more user friendly functionality to help members:

  • Members can select from a wide range of sustainability standards and accreditations - such as ISO 14001, Green Impact, Responsible Futures, BREEAM, etc. – which you are already using and this automatically provides you with a starting score
  • Members can download Management Reports to help you provide the monitoring and reporting to show impact and value to senior management
  • Scores are automatically mapped against the UN Sustainable Development Goals and provide members with a simple and easy to understand report on impact on the SDGs
  • Members will be able to compare their progress with other institutions across the UK and Ireland
  • Members can select their own specific university or college groups to compare to – such as institutions within your region or institutions of a similar size and/or function
  • The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard remains, as LiFE does, to be a self-assessment tool. However, for those that wish to seek external verification we will be providing a Gap Analysis Validation which will include a detailed report to help you improve and communicate your performance if you wish to do this.

We aim to have the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard in place by April and we will be delivering workshops at the AUDE and EAUC Conferences to provide our members with further information and guidance.

We understand that you may be using the current LiFE website and Self-Assessment Tool so this will remain available for members and will remain to be called LiFE. The new online tool will be branded as the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard. We do hope that you will see the improvements and enhanced functionality within the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard that in time you will transfer to the new tool. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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